The Library of the Medical University – Varna was established in 1961 along with the opening of the Higher Medical Institute at that time. In 1972, a Department for bibliographic references, citations counts and Impact factor was formed. In the late ’80s of the past century the library was among the pioneers of using the e-knowledge and e-resources in Bulgaria. The electronic series of Life Sciences and Clinical Medicine were introduced in 1989. This was the year they made their appearance on the world market and the library of MU-Varna was the first to introduce them to Bulgaria.

In 1995 the library underwent a major refurbishing being equipped with bright and comfortable reading-rooms and a new branch at St. Marina University Hospital. The first catalogue software for creating and sharing online catalogue available in the university computer network and all library branches was integrated at that time as well.

The library has a total collection of over 160000 volumes of books and periodicals. Its collection of over 500 old and rare books on medicine, pharmacology and dentistry from the 1830s to the beginning of the last century is also part of the Library archives. Most of old collection items are digitalized and available to researchers. The digitization of rare and unique special collections becomes one of the priorities in library archiving. Exclusive digital collections are created on specific medical research topics. Students and lecturers from the faculties of pharmacy and dental medicine are equipped with designated reading rooms with literature on the specific disciplines and training courses. The library archives and provides access to doctoral and masters’ theses and dissertations.

In 1997, the first fully-text online databases were subscribed: Medline on CD, ProQuest Medical Library and UpToDate. New technologies and digital resources expanded the academic database of the library and its access to the scientific research potential in world medicine. Subscriptions to the Cochrane Library on CD-ROM (since 2003), HINARI (since 2004), Web of Knowledge, EMBASE, Scopus, ScienceDirect, Proquest, (since 2009), etc. followed.

Access for disabled people to the digitized library fund is provided since 2010. Appropriate infrastructure, assistive technologies and screen reading software, speech synthesizer and desktop scanner for real-time scanning and reading are implemented.

In 2014, the Library of the Medical University of Varna became the first medical library in the country to provide its users with a platform such as AccessMedicine – a comprehensive online medical resource with a collection of more than 75 fundamental medical-based interactive textbooks by McGraw Hill Publishing. The platform is integrated with the learning platform Blackboard. The Library of MU-Varna provides licensed online access to international databases such as Web of Knowledge, ScienceDirect, Scopus and InCites, contributing reference information and full-text articles published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and collections.

In 2015, the library team initiated and maintains ever since Google profiles of the academic staff at Google Scholar and Research Gate. All faculty members now have active Google Scholar profiles which increases the citation potential and impact of our researchers, expands the scope of scientific cooperation on individual and institutional levels alike, as each profile is affiliated with the Medical University – Varna web site and a corporate email address.

The Medical Academic Repository was established in 2016. The institutional academic repository is an open access source compliant with the OAI-PMH international standards and is based on the Eprints open source software. The Medical Academic Repository is part of DART Europe (partnership of over 400 institutional repositories for research theses) and is one of the key portals in the new global research infrastructure.


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