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Библиотека на МУ-Варна

Свободен достъп /Free access/ до 5MinuteConsult и Health Library

Posted: 10.05. 2023 at 10:13 am

The Library of MU-Varna Library, together with Wolters Kluwer Publishing company, provides free trial access to two new databases: Health Library Medical Education and 5MinuteConsult. The trial access is until 9 June 2023.

The LWW Health Library for Medical Education ( includes key areas of study – anatomical sciences, pathology and biochemistry. Also included are specific clinical cases, over 4800 exam questions and answers allowing students to review for exam or utilize for presentation prep.

5MinuteConsult ( offers evidence-based answers to clinical questions. Categories in the database include diseases and conditions, diagnoses and treatment algorithms, drug prescribing and drug safety information, etc.

Personal registration is required to use the resources remotely – outside the institutional network (IPs of MU-Varna).